On April 22nd, along with these influential women’s networks, we co-hosted a panel of phenomenal women who addressed how COVID exacerbated disparities for women in the workplace. Click here to watch the video of Leadership Counts or click here to see highlights from the speakers.

We are so grateful to the leaders of these women’s philanthropic networks for joining with us to bring this program to our community.

The Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund was established in November 2004 as a way for members to join together in meaningful and engaging ways and give back to the greater San Diego community. The power of many women giving together has helped them significantly impact community-wide needs with focused collective grantmaking. They are a donor-advised fund of the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, are 112 members strong, and have awarded nearly $4.1 Million in grants to date.

Women Give San Diego has 155 members and focuses on funding programs that help women and girls of San Diego achieve economic self-sufficiency. With seven working committees, they identify and assist their partners by educating and advocating for women’s success and mentor each other to create close working and personal relationships. Learn more about them here.

A small group of San Diego volunteers recognized changing patterns in women’s giving and envisioned an organization that would promote women’s leadership in philanthropy.

Like women in several other major U.S. cities, these community leaders sought opportunities to learn about critical issues facing the region and make a difference. In 2000 they founded the San Diego Women’s Foundation to strengthen and improve women’s capacities to engage in significant philanthropy in San Diego. Learn more about them here.

Launched in 2013, the Latina Giving Circle of San Diego is a network of Latinas from across San Diego County who want to come together to create opportunities that connect and give back to the community. Women of all identities across San Diego County are invited to join the Latina Giving Circle and be active members by contributing time, treasure, and talent in ways that are most personally meaningful.

To date, the Latina Giving Circle has completed four grant rounds and gifted over $50,000 to the San Diego/Tijuana community. Find out more about their grants here.

The Jewish Women’s Foundation (JWF) is a network of women who have joined together to improve the lives of Jewish women and girls. They are dedicated to supporting the Jewish community through innovative and creative funding to benefit and enhance the lives of primarily Jewish women and girls locally, nationally, and globally.

Through the work of this Foundation, women are empowered as funders, decision-makers, and agents for change in the community.

The 2018-21 initiative addresses homelessness, hunger, and poverty for Jewish women and girls. These women may be victims of domestic violence, single mothers, Holocaust survivors, or those living below the poverty line. Learn more about them here.

Hand to Hand is a group of women who grant funds to local nonprofits that promote economic self-sufficiency and positive change in the lives of women and girls. The group impacts the lives of women and girls in San Diego County by directing resources to programs that empower change and self-sufficiency.

Hand to Hand fulfills its mission by funding education and job training for women, programs to help women re-enter the workforce, mentoring programs for girls, and microloan programs through nonprofit organizations. Learn more about them here, or watch our interview with them below.

The Black Women’s Resilience Fund is a network of women that is testing theories and interesting models of impact through a giving circle focused on Black women and resilience. It is a powerful space to take unusual risks with philanthropy. The circle is a program of Café X, a worker-owned coffee shop and co-op based in San Diego that enriches their member-owners, passes on communal wealth and knowledge, and provides a welcoming space to organize and learn from one another. They will become a permanent venue for coffee, community-based events, and local educational support for community members. Learn more about them here, or watch our interview with them below.