Art During Conflict: Kibbutz Be’eri Arts Gallery’s Devastation and Revival

Determined to continue showcasing art that lifts the spirit and preserves humanity, the gallery—temporarily without walls— now hosts pop-up cultural activities, exhibitions, and events, even recreating the photography exhibit that was on display before the attacks.

The Gallery is symbolic of the resilient human spirit and certainly of the residents of Kibbutz Be’eri. Through new partnerships, the Gallery is being infused with new life as those who have had their lives torn apart have been embraced by their fellow Israelis.

We are hosting weekly conversations so you can hear directly about the evolving situation on the ground, from the ground.

This week, we heard from Zipi Mizrachi, founder of the gallery for religious women in Jerusalem, Studio of Her Own, to hear about recreating cultural experiences in the wake of unspeakable tragedy.

Each update includes briefings followed by grassroots leaders in conversation with Charlene Seidle, Executive Vice President of Leichtag Foundation and Impact Cubed.