On the Brink: A Special Briefing with Grassroots Leaders about Food and Farming in the Wake of October 7

Three crises are converging in the realm of food and farming in Israel.

  1. More than half of farms are located in the south, most of which is currently inaccessible or labor is unavailable.
  2. Thousands of people have lost their jobs just as costs are reaching an all-time high. They are struggling to make ends meet, including sufficient funds for food.
  3. As the food needs of vulnerable populations grow, so do new needs, such as that of the evacuees and displaced and members of the IDF.

We are hosting weekly conversations so you can hear directly about the evolving situation on the ground, from the ground.

This week, we heard from three outstanding grassroots leaders about how they are addressing these looming crises now so that all Israelis have enough to eat and how they see the future of food in Israel.

  1. Daniella Seltzer, Jerusalem Food Rescuers (watch her Voices of Jerusalem video HERE)
  2. Hedai Offaime, Ofaimme Farm (watch his Israel Story video HERE)
  3. Yoni Yefet Reich, Kaima Farm

Each update includes briefings followed by grassroots leaders in conversation with Charlene Seidle, Executive Vice President of Leichtag Foundation and Impact Cubed.