Your contributions continue to save Ukrainians through a responsive grassroots network! 
Here’s an update on your impact.
We’ll update this page regularly.

You have joined more than 350 funders who have come together in the last two months. Your generosity powers a tenacious grassroots network that, with each infusion of funds, delivers food and medicine to those who cannot leave, and evacuates the most frail and vulnerable people from the most dangerous and surrounded places.

You’re Saving Lives

Every dollar has enabled this network to take their system to scale and accelerate evacuations, making them uniquely able to access cities that other rescue efforts cannot.

With your contributions:

  • As of May 13, 4,377 people and counting have been evacuated. This week we significantly ramped up the number of evacuations, as the front continues to shift. We are exploring ways to evacuate from the Donbas region which is absolutely critical to save lives in the coming days.
  • 392 pallets of food and 48 pallets of medicine and medical supplies, plus an additional 24 big boxes of medicine, have now been directly delivered to hundreds of people living in basements without food, power, or cell service.

Needs are evolving in real time:

  • Evacuation attempts continue. This week, a number of small evacuations took place from Mariupol. Those evacuated include elders and children who were not able to leave the city before and thus have been subject to the brutality of the last months in this beleaguered spot. Their stories are horrifying; first aid is administered as soon as they enter the vehicles.
  • The Donbas region continues to be an important focus. We are doing all we can to access this part of Ukraine.
  • Sexual assault and rape of women and girls is a growing issue especially as Russian forces pull out of certain places and seek to cause as much devastation as possible. Few rape survivors have been raped just once and there is abundant shame and reluctance to undergo medical treatment even once available. Our partners on the ground are working with specially trained, primarily female gynecologists and nurses who have stayed in Ukraine or right at the border to help with emergency intervention, including in the case of pregnancy.
  • Thousands of kits for rape and sexual assault are being prepared and distributed. Recipients include girls as young as 11.
    Additionally, human traffickers are preying on vulnerable women and others. FemSMS, a new communications network put together by our partners and launched this week, delivers one-way SMS messages with information to women and their families focusing on trafficking prevention, hotlines, and emergency contacts.
  • Food and medicine are needed more than ever before as supplies run out and are not being replenished. We have opened the chains for prescription medication, which is being delivered to elders including Holocaust survivors and others in desperate need of it.

How Funds Are Used

  • Funds for food, medical supplies, prescription and other medicine, as well as rape and sexual assault treatment and kits especially for young girls and surgical tools are now the most pressing needs. We have lists of specific medicines and supplies that have been requested and which we have been able to access. The costs for these have soared because of widespread scarcity. More funds are much needed to continue to feed people and provide them with critical medical interventions.
  • In dangerous cities where buses can still enter, 55-60 people can be evacuated to ensure they are stable and nourished for $6,000-$10,000. Cost depends on driver ability and willingness, infrastructure and more.
  • In the most heavily bombarded cities where no one else will attempt evacuations, a convoy of several mini-buses can evacuate 40-60 people or more at a time for $25,000-$50,000. (Cost ranges from about $500 to more than $1,000 per person.)
  • On a non-sectarian basis to those most in need.
  • 100% of funds raised go to real-time critical needs – evacuation, food and medical supplies are our top priorities. Every dollar has enabled this network to take their system to scale and accelerate evacuations and deliveries, making them uniquely able to access cities that other rescue efforts cannot. Your contribution goes directly to the field.

Contact Us

  • Please write to us at if you:
    • Have requested donations from funds or foundations that may take time to arrive. We will let the team know in real time so they know they have the resources for more buses and supplies.
    • Know potential partners to connect to our speakers, such as other organizations or individuals doing work on the ground.
    • Have specific cases of possible evacuations to bring to our network’s attention.
    • Have other resources to share.

    Thank you! We will keep you informed about future briefings and updates.