Weekly Updates from Israel: Thursday, November 30 | 11am

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Needs in the Healthcare Sector: Treating Victims of Oct 7, Wounded Soldiers, Trauma, and More

Only 37 miles from the Gaza border – the Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh) has been treating hundreds of victims since the early hours of October 7.

It is the primary hospital for patients flown in directly from the battlefield and backup for the two frontline hospitals in Beer Sheva and Ashkelon.

With a new national center for treating PTSD, a secure underground emergency hospitalization space, expanded ER and surgical facilities, additional medical teams, and an information center for patients’ families, the team of nearly 4,000 employees at Shamir Medical Center has pivoted their operations to accommodate the vast need.

Please join us for a special interview with Dr. Osnat Levtzion-Korach, CEO of Shamir Medical Center, to discuss managing this team and extensive care for civilians and soldiers.

Dr. Osnat Levtzion-Korach is Director General and CEO of Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh). Dr. Levtzion-Korach has hospital administration experience in numerous medical centers in the US and Israel. Dr. Osnat Levtzion-Korach is Israel’s first woman to lead a government hospital and has been featured in Forbes’ magazine’s 50 most influential women in Israel.

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