Join us in aiding our San Diego community in the aftermath of major flooding

Our San Diego region was hit by unprecedented rainfall and flooding over the last week which has led to hundreds of people being displaced from their homes, schools and businesses. County officials estimate $70 million worth of infrastructure damage, mostly in the southern part of the county. Our area anticipates more storms this week. At times like these, we are reminded of the Jewish value Lo Ta’Amod, which commands us to not stand idly by when others are suffering due to a natural disaster.​​​​

Join Impact Cubed, Leichtag Foundation, and our growing network of funders in supporting the vetted organizations and funds below.

Jewish tradition teaches that to save one life is to save an entire world. During times of sudden emergency and disaster, please join us in stepping forward to help those in crisis who have lost everything.

Please let us know if you donate to any of these organizations. Thank you for helping to repair their communities.