Needs of Families of Active Duty and Reservists

With more than 350,000 reservists and soldiers deployed, many families are suddenly without a parent or key family member. This places extreme stress on the spouse to balance childcare, household duties, financial struggles, and more all while enduring fears about their family member at war. Grassroots efforts to both provide direct support by volunteers and civil society as well as government policy reform and raising the profile of these needs have emerged, and we will hear from two leaders who are at the forefront of this important area that has both personal and societal impact especially as Israel grapples with the core of its identity and national values.

We are hosting weekly conversations so you can hear directly about the evolving situation on the ground, from the ground.

This week, we heard from Rachel Azaria, former member of Knesset and founder of HaOgen, as well as Sapir Bluzer, an advocate and champion for reservist families. Learn about HaOgen in this eJP article.

Each update includes briefings followed by grassroots leaders in conversation with Charlene Seidle, Executive Vice President of Leichtag Foundation and Impact Cubed.