Leichtag Foundation and Impact Cubed are making emergency grants to support Ukraine

Ukrainians are desperately seeking refuge and facing supply shortages as Russia attacks the country. Ukraine is home to a diverse Jewish community numbering 200,000+. Nearly 40,000 are vulnerable and elderly. Others are prominent activists, journalists and government officials who may be specifically targeted.

We are learning about immediate and emerging needs from grantee partners with teams on the ground.

Join us to support those most in need through these organizations:

Moishe House operates four houses in the Ukrainian cities of Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Odesa and has two full-time staff who reside locally. Moishe House is responding to resident and staff crisis needs as they arise. In certain locations, residents are continuing to gather to find support in being together as long as it is safe.

Project Kesher supports a grassroots network of Jewish women leaders in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Their emergency fund will help women and girls fleeing cities under attack with transportation and accommodations, and address future needs as they emerge.

We are proud to support the humanitarian and evacuation efforts of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee through our local partner, the Jewish Federation of San Diego County to assist displaced people at secure locations, facilitate evacuations, purchase necessities, and provide critical services for the most vulnerable Jews in Ukraine.

Through all these efforts, we are in direct touch with people on the ground whose lives have been torn apart through these Russian acts of war. As we strive to support people in sudden need, we are called to safeguard humanity and justice. Jewish tradition teaches us to give and care for others at times like these.

Please email us to let us know if you donate to any of these organizations. Thank you for helping to repair their communities.