Leadership Counts: Special Briefing on Ukraine Relief Efforts

Wednesday, March 2 at 8AM PT/11AM ET/6PM IST & Eastern Europe Time

Ukrainians are desperately seeking refuge and facing supply shortages as Russia attacks the country. Ukraine is home to a diverse Jewish community numbering 200,000+. Nearly 40,000 are vulnerable and elderly. Others are prominent activists, journalists and government officials who may be specifically targeted.

Join us for this 45-minute conversation with staff from three organizations to learn about Ukraine Jewish Community’s immediate and emerging needs.


  • Yana Tolmacheva, Senior Director, RSJ (Russian-Speaking Jews) Programming, Moishe House
  • Yulia Berzukova, RSJ Jewish Educator, Moishe House
  • Karyn Gershon, CEO, Project Kesher
  • Amos Lev-Ran, Director for External Relations, JDC-FSU (Former Soviet Union Division)