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Madrasa logoMadrasa is a free web-based school for spoken Arabic. Most Hebrew speaking Israelis know little of the Arabic spoken around them. Madrasa was created from the need to change this situation. It has a simple format in order to facilitate learning. The website is divided into four steps from beginners to advanced, to enable students to progress at their own pace and according to their individual level. Each level includes 7 interactive videos lasting 30 minutes each. Each lesson includes helpful studying material, like detailed summary of the didactic material vocabulary and practice exercises. In addition, the website includes additional materials to enlarge vocabulary and mastery of the language. The website has an active Facebook page to keep up to date with the progress of the course and to receive interesting additional material such as brief films and a weekly proverb. Remarkably, close to 250,000 registered users actively utilize Madrasa, all the more impressive considering that the market is restricted to Hebrew speakers.