Rushing to Safety: Meet the Global Grassroots Networks Supporting Ukrainian Refugees at the Border

Thursday, March 10 at 10AM PT/1PM ET/8PM IST & Ukraine Time

Hardworking grassroots volunteers and community leaders throughout Ukraine and border countries are working 24/7 organizing urgent evacuations, housing for Ukrainian refugees, and supplies for displaced people under the most extreme conditions. Nimbleness and in-the-minute flexibility are essential.

Time is of the essence to support as many people as possible and save lives.

Get an up to the minute, off the record briefing with grassroots coordinators on the ground to learn about the current situation and immediate needs for evacuation, supplies and more through the grassroots from those who are vetted and most involved.

Don’t miss a chance to skip the sideline analysis and get an informed, timely, private on-the-ground briefing.