Update #6: Israel Emergency Grassroots Response Initiative

Now more than five months after establishment, the Israel Emergency Grassroots Response Initiative (IEGRI) continues to balance short and longer term needs amidst an emergency quasi-routine that is colored with substantial uncertainty and ongoing war. Some grassroots efforts continue to rapidly meet needs of those whose lives continue to be torn apart. Others have transitioned to other organizations or are no longer needed as intensely. Some are working toward scale. Across the board, the best-serving and performing initiatives imbue humanity and a recognition of the individual into huge systemic needs.

IEGRI has now identified four key areas of interest that reflect a new phase of healing and rebuilding, even as emergency needs continue to present. IEGRI remains as dynamic as ever, closely connected to the ground and highly responsive to emerging needs.

  1. Innovate in the face of ever-growing mental health and trauma needs.
    Philanthropy can scale the most successful pilot projects and experimental hospital-based efforts in real time. It’s imperative to ensure all efforts are grounded in expertise, best practice knowledge and urgency.
  2. Support resilient communities.
    Many thousands of people from the south remain evacuated from their destroyed homes. Thousands of others from the north have had their towns and kibbutzim turned into closed military zones. Some evacuees are returning in the next several months. Others will not have this option for years or will never return. Restoring consensus-based community processes as well as community rituals that bring joy and a new sense of routine is critical.
  3. Uplift rising leaders.
    Across Israel, talented social entrepreneurs and volunteers have stepped up to create change and serve their neighbors where many institutions failed. Now they are not waiting for others to lead but jumping in with passion, dedication, and vision. This magnificent generation needs the resources, tools and capacity building and they will lead Israel to more promising, hopeful, abundant days.
  4. Demand the safe return of the hostages and support their families.
    As we have since the day of the Initiative’s establishment and until the last hostage is home, this will always be included on the list of our priorities.

What Else You Can Do

Share a human story with everyone you know. Learn about those lost on October 7 here and about the hostages here.